Country: Bahrain

Founded: 2017

Phase of development: On the market

Number of Employees: 4

Website: www.hommycook.com/ 

Hommycook is an online food ordering platform allows customers to order a fresh and healthy homemade meal from a housewife in their city, rather than ordering fast food. Hommycook gives everybody the opportunity to enjoy homemade food even if they don’t know how to cook or don’t have enough time to cook. We hope to change the way people eat and to keep them away from the unhealthy fast food. We want to provide everybody with fresher, better and more affordable meals. We want to establish a new category in the global online food ordering market. Hommycook empowers women who have a cooking talent and didn’t get an opportunity to enter the professional food industry. Our platform helps home cooks make money by selling their home cooked food to thousands of customers through Hommycook.